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Buyers Agent Fees

How much does a buyers agent cost?

The cost of using the services of a buyer agent may not be as prohibitive as you would expect.  However, the cost of NOT using a buyer agent can be surprisingly high.  Here's why.

While most buyers agent charges a fixed or variable percentage of the price of the property, here at Concierge Buyers Advocates, our fees are fixed.  We believe in low fixed fees for all our customers.

How much does the buyers agent service cost? 

We believe in giving our customer the best buying experience and the best possible low price for our services.  Unlike many agencies, we honour our fees.  Yes, once agreed, the fees are fixed.  The low fixed fees buyer agent service will not change.  There are no hidden charges for anything, from reports, extra inspections, key delivery, etc. 

What determines the buyers agent fees at Concierge Buyers Advocates? 

The price of the property is the biggest determination factor.  Next would be your requirements and specifications.  The more unique or complicated your requirements are, the harder it is to find such a property.  That means, it may take us longer to find that right property for you.  Looking for an expensive property also does not mean you'll be paying top dollar for our services.  We practice fair-pricing.  We do not want to overcharge anyone for our services.  We want to be fair to our clients.  We believe in cost-plus charging.

How can I know what the exact cost? 

One of the ways to find out the cost is to hit the "Get a Quote" button below to schedule a free consultation.  This consultation will be all about you. 

We'll discuss what you are looking for in the property, and we will work towards defining your property purchase plan.  It is also for us to discuss if our services is suitable you. 

How much does buying, negotiation, settlement service cost? 

No two clients have the same requirements.  Therefore, we have a full range of property buying services to cater to the needs of different clients.  Have a chat with us.

Do you have a Fixed Annual Plan?

Yes, we have a fixed fees annual property plan, where we help you to locate suitable properties.  There is no limit to the number of Melbourne properties you can buy, within the 12 months.  This is the most popular pricing plan with clients who are aggressively building their investment portfolio.  It is our all-you-can-buy plan.

Service Guarantee

We are committed to providing you the best property buying service experience and we are confident that your buying experience with us will be one of the best. 

In the rare chance that we cannot find you a property meeting your requirements within 6 months, you​ do not have to pay any final fees.  *Conditions applies.

Find out now. 

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