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Investment Property

Financial Freedom Through Property Investment

Building a property investment portfolio is a great way to creating wealth and passive income.  It is also a certain way to achieve financial freedom, if you do it right.  Sadly, recent Australian Tax Office (ATO) statistics shows only 5% really made it.  Most property investors hit their ceiling at the second or third investment property because they either bought the wrong type of property, used the wrong strategy or simply followed their friends' advice.  This "monkey-see-monkey-do" investment strategy is very dangerous because no two property investors are the same, and no two investment properties are the same.  Even if the properties are next to each other.  What works for your friend, is not likely to work for you.  Here's why.

Concierge Buyers Advocates was form in Melbourne because we wanted to help property investors use the right property investment strategy to invest in the right property, at the right price and at the right time.  As property investors ourselves, we are constantly in touch with financial planners and latest property investment strategy and trends.  

We have invested extensively and have been involved in over 20 investment properties and projects of our own.  Just like any property investor, we've come across many investment questions:

  • How do I start investing in properties?

  • Where do I start property investing?

  • Is property investment for me?

  • What makes a good investment property? 

  • Where can I find good investment properties in Melbourne? 

  • How do I know if it is the right property?

  • What are good investment properties? 

  • What are the different types of property investment strategies?

  • Which strategy is suitable for me?

Getting the right investment property is the critical key to successful real estate investment.  Using the right investment strategy at the right time is even more critical in generating a constant stream of passive income.

We are now offering our property search experience to help all investment property buyers, through our Melbourne buyers agent service.  To date, we've help our property investor clients build their investment property portfolio, through various property investment strategies in various types of properties, projects in major cities around Australia.

Looking for property investment strategies?

Here are some for the active investors and passive investors: 

Have a chat with us if you want to find out more.  

We can also put you in touch with good property lawyers and/or conveyancing service, to get your legal stuffs sorted, if you need one.

Do not have any property investment strategy?  Keen to build an investment property portfolio? Have a return on investment (ROI) or yield in mind, or any investment questions?  Find out how we can help now.

Or if you have an investment plan from your financial planner, have a chat with us.  We will work with your financial planner to execute your property investment plan and fulfil your property investment dream.

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