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How do you buy property while isolated?

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful"

- Warren Buffett. Successful, multi-billionaire investor.

These are words from one of the most successful investor.

It is times like this coronavirus COVID-19 virus outbreak, when everyone is fearful, shying away from property, thinking property prices will crash, that present fantastic buying opportunities.

Are there any truths to this fear?

No. Property prices are not going to crash anytime soon.  But you might find an odd deal occasionally.

But with travel restrictions and Stay Home orders in place, how do you buy when you might not be able to view the property? 

Buy "sight unseen"?  Would you trust a selling agent's video and presentation? 

It is hard to argue property inspection is an "essential activity" if it is not your job.  Do you want to risk a hefty fine?

Where can you get a professional property inspection for under $350?​

Click here to find out about our complete property buying service.

Getting a professional property buyer to help buy your property is not expensive, with our low fixed fees. 

Stop paying too much! 

Ask about our service guarantee.

Have a chat with us.

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