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Property Upgraders - Do it quick

If you are a property buyer, whether you're a first home buyer, upgrading or downsizing, do it quick.

Echoing Concierge Buyers Advocates' call a few months ago, Domain has published an article detailing how the Melbourne market had turned and the window to upgrade is closing very quickly.

I was at an auction this morning. A property with great access to Melbourne CBD, was listed for auction with a price range of $750,000 - $825,000. Auction kicked off at $780,000, and the bidding frenzy between 5 bidders did not stop until it hits $940,000.

Is the Fear Of Missing Out mentality back in the market, it definitely is, in this instance.

Did you know?

Buyers buying their own property is going to loose out more, as they are going to spend 3 times longer to search for a property, compared to assisted buying from a buyer's agent. Read the facts here.

To have a chat about this and some buying tips, get in touch.

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