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Financial Freedom through property investing

Property Investment

Financial Freedom through Properties

An investment property is a great way to creating wealth and passive income.  It is also a certain way to financial freedom, if you do it right. 

Studies have shown that you need 4 to 5 investment properties to be financially free. Unfortunately, 73% of property investors own just 1 investment property.  And they are stuck with that, through bad advise or misinformed due diligence.  The next 22% owned just 3, and that is the max for most people.

Being buyer agents based in Melbourne, we are ourselves, property investors and we know, buying the right property is a critical starting point to building your property investment portfolio successfully.  The first task to find the right property is the most challenging part.

Many people have misinformed ideas about what the investment property should or should not be.  Properties which might be suitable for a certain investor under a particular situation is not likely to work for you.  Many simply copy their friends' formula without understanding what it is.  And this has been proven to be one of the the most dangerous practice.  Here's why.

By detailed fact finding, we explore your motivations in buying an investment property, your goals and your aspirations.  And through building an investment plan together, we have helped successfully buyers buy their 4th and 5th properties.

If you have an investment Return-on-Investment (ROI) or yield in mind, or if you have some investment questions, give us a call, let's see how we can help.

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