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Benefits of Buyer Agent

What is a Buyer's Agent?

Expert Guidance

Here is a property investment secret.  It is a very well kept secret... until now.  And it is also one of the most frequently asked question.  "What is a buyer's agent? What does a buyer's agent do?" 

Successful property investors like Donald Trump do not buy their own properties. They invest in the services of buyer agents. It is just like engaging a fund manager to invest your superannuation. 

Professional investors know that buying property is a very time consuming process which many successful investors do not have.  It requires a lot of research, planning, feasibility studies / modelling, growth considerations, searching, shortlisting properties, and doing on-site inspections, etc.

Through our 25+ years of experience in working with buyers, we have found that many buyers:

❌ do not have a plan

❌ do not have enough time to source for the property

❌ fear overpaying for the property

❌ do not fully understand what is involved in due diligence

❌ do not like to deal with real estate agents

​❌ do not realise selling real estate agents are bound by law to look after the interest of the seller

The secret to property buying?  For a small fee, professional investors invest in buyer agents and they take advantage of:

✅ reduced inaction cost

✅ simplified purchasing process

✅ faster purchasing process

✅ deeper insights into the area

✅ leveling the playing field against selling agents

✅ confidence, comfort, knowing they finally have an agent working for them.

They know the quality and savings from the services of a buyer agent more than make up for the cost of the service.  In Melbourne, using the services of a buyer agent can potentiall save you over $100,000!  Find out why.

Did you also know?

50%-75% of the properties sold and bought are not listed. Buyer Agents also have access to off-market properties, and advanced notice from selling agents about up-coming listings.  These are valuable lists of properties which are not available to the public, and the chances of securing a good off-market property is higher.

If you have a question about buying in the Melbourne market, feel have a chat with us.

Why use a Buyer's Agent?

Over 80% of buyers missed out on the property they wanted

Time Saver

No More Wasted Weekends

As a Melbourne buyer agent, we search through the best property deals, best property listings, to find the perfect property for you.   And you can buy your property quicker.  On average, we reduce the property buying time by half!
Now you can reclaim your Saturdays, Sundays, stop wasting time at open for inspections, and you do not have to deal with pressure from the real estate agents.

Expert Guidance

Independent Advice

Get a property expert to work for you.  Buying the wrong property has been proven to stall one's property investment plans.  With our buyer agent service, you get deep insights into the suburbs and streets you are buying into.  We do the due diligence and present the facts to you.  We organise the right inspections at the right time, and you get the inspection reports reviewed by an independent expert.  We also look at areas where there are long-term growth potential.

We are on your side in a property purchase.  We protect your interest in the purchase.

Save Money

Do You Want Over 16% Benefits?

This is probably the most important aspect of using a buyer agent.  As your buyer agent working for you, we  negotiate on your behalf, making sure you pay the lowest possible price for the right property.

In addition, quick buying process means you have access to the benefits of owning your own home, or your investment property.  Studies have shown that using a buyer agent can save over $133,000!

Silent Listings

Access to Good Deals

Did you know, about 65% of the properties are bought and sold off-market?  Yes, they are never listed through the main real estate websites.  There are 101 reasons why some vendors prefer to keen them silent.  Divorce, Separation, Inheritance, Distress sale, Mortgagee Sale.  We have access to them, and will recommend them, if they are the right properties for you.

Stress Free Buying

Relax and Have Fun

We manage all buying timelines for you.  Get your weekends back.  Let us do all the dirty leg work for you.  You do not have to deal with the pressure from the vendor agents.  Find our why vendor agents are not your friends.

Sit Back and Relax.  Wait for your keys.  It is that easy.

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