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Relocation Service
Melbourne House Hunter

Relocate Straight into your Own Home

Relocation can be a very stressful experience.  Whether you are relocating for work, for studies or just to be with your family, our Melbourne relocation house hunter service is designed for students, busy professionals and migrants like you, to help ease the pain of relocating to Melbourne. 

We will find out what you need and what you want in your new property.  We will help you understand the rapidly changing Melbourne property landscape, and navigate the Melbourne property market for you.

Let us help you find your new home in Melbourne, while you organise the rest of your move. 

Our complete moving service will search and recommend properties that fit your needs and wants.  We will organise the entire house hunting process, from searching, inspecting, organising mortgage lending, conveyancing, keys collection. 

We can even arrange to furnish, renovate your home and throw in a Melbourne Airport welcome service for you.

Stop worrying about your accommodation. 

Relocate into your new home from Day One.

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